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Model Editing

The below was taken from Greths notes on the IGF .. As I go I will reformat and expand up this


Near the end is a link to a ZIP file with some model packages. Here's an overview on what the files are, and how to perform the basic conversions necessary for importing them into your editor of choice.

Common Files

Most files in the packages are self explanatory:

.png Textures or icons
*Tint.png Specialized textures for defining adjustable color regions, like the kind used in character creation.
.colormap Each Tint.png has one of these (a simple text file) matching the color regions to their names.
.mesh Binary file containing the Ogre mesh
.skeleton Binary file containing the Ogre bone structure (coincides with the mesh file).
.material A text file with render information, often associated with icons. Player races and creatures used centralized materials defined elsewhere.

Get Customising!

Now, depending on what you want to do, go to one of the sections below.

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