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IceEE is the working title for a new private server run by me, and helped by a number of other Planet Forever players.

Now, you probabably know Greth has ceased working on the server, the domain has expired, and the virtual host will probably soon expire too.

In a final act of kindness, the biggest by far of any, he has released all of the server source, and all of the user data. This allows us to contiue playing should we so wish, and even continue the project.

(tcp\4242)Em's PlanetForever Server 'IceEE' is online

Have An Existing PlanetForever account?

If you had an account on Planet Forever, then you will have an account on IceEE. Your username and password will be the same, and all of your characters will be intact and as they were at the beginning of March.

You can either then alter your existing clients launcher to point to the new server, or just get a new client (see below).

Never played before, but would like an account?

To request an account, please send an email to I will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

You will then be supplied with a registration key. Using a browser, go here, and provide your registration key and any other details it asks for.

You will then need a client. See below.

Downloading A New Client

If you are a new player, or just want an easy way to switch over to the IceEE server :-

For Windows

Just download the installer and run as you would any other installer.

For Mac OS X

The client is for Windows only, although it is known to using different versions of Wine. I would recommend version 1.7.48 and above from Wine Staging. See here for special instructions on this method

Option 1 - Installer

This is now the preferred client. It is a traditional Windows installer. You will have 3 shortcuts added, 2 for our servers and one for 'localhost'. If you just want to play the game, you are only interested in the “Main Server” shortcut, the other is for developers and when we run beta test events.

  • Download installer from here.
  • Run installer.
  • Play! :)

Option 2 - Archive

  • Download a new Version 0.8.6 client from here
  • Extract the file somewhere on your computer.
  • Locate the folder where you extracted the file in windows explorer
  • Double click on _LAUNCH-IceEE.bat

Updating Your Existing Client

The only thing you need to do, is to edit your .BAT file and change the address of the server to, or alternative download a new client which has the change already done for you.

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