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If you just want to PLAY Planet Forever, you do not need to register for an account on this Wiki. See the link IceEE for registration key requests for the game

Welcome to ArmourEE. A home for a small band of survivors of the MMORPG, “Earth Eternal” (and later Planet Forever). ArmourEE has been many things in it's life, but now, it's four main reasons for existence are :-

  • Play! A portal to our private server Earth Eternal - The Scourge Of Abidan. See the link for registration key requests, and details on how to play.
  • Learn! A source of information on gameplay, including quests, NPCs, maps, tips and more. Also lots of stuff for Grove builders, including prop lists and more. See below for links to various different wiki pages.
  • Develop! A home for IceEE Development the continuation of Greth's Planet Forever server, which in an insane act of kindness he has now released to the public.
  • New! A home for development of Iceclient and all of it's related projects (including stand alone chat, creature tweak, terrain editor and particle effect designer). Iceclient is (well, will be) a complete client replacement for both players and devs.

The Wiki is viewable by all, but you must be registered to make contributions. Note, some information is automatically generated from time to time as new features are added. Avoid editing in these areas.

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