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Player Grove List

This list is opt-in. If you want to be listed, send a message in game to Emerald Icemoon. Alternatively, sign up for this wiki and edit it yourself.

  • To get to a grove, first go to your own (goto to a Sanctuary and type /grove), then type /warp grovename
  • Alternatively, you can use /warp “playername if the player is logged on. You can use partial player names as well.
Player Warp Description
Emerald Icemoon firerock1 Emeralds home
Emerald Icemoon firerock2 The Burning Mall. A fantasy trade hub
Silvermane Ludsthorp harem The Wolfs Den
Spectre Husky spectrum1 Animal Palette
Spectre Husky spectrum2 Auditorium
Disaster Master dmaster DANGER! DO NOT ENTER
Hiromi Swiftwind den Romi's place
Hauss Pray osprey Purgatory
Rictar Gasper rictar Prop Abuse
Rictar Gasper rictar2 Winter Dawning Wonderland
Takumi Tanuki hodgepodge Mystarchs
Eschia Mousehold eschia One of the first
Light Dragon light1 Light on props
Fennal Avarice fennecus Swampy
Hulk Cougarstein helpinghand1 Warm Cottage on a Snowy Hilltop
Citrus Twist mew1 Trip The Light Fantastic
Heathendel Dustrunner handofkronos1 The Town Of Blackwell
Heathendel Dustrunner handofkronos2 The Sprawling Desert
Era Gaul bloodsworn1 The Blood Marsh
Era Gaul bloodsworn2 Eras Castle on The Blood Sea
Arakour Swift arakou An Evil Mage
Feral Wanderer nevtralnost City In The Sky
Dokarin Timberpaw mvs1 New Coontown
Fyrus Olin fyrusolin1 Fyrus Olin's Sweet Crib
Vixen Turen oddball1 Vixehhhhhh :)
Yon Fildebeck otherworld1 A Sanctuary
Wake Duskleaf mirkyclearing1 Badgerbadgerbadgerbadger
Han Rokan krun1 A place for everything!
Tupik Wolf tupik1 Hot Springs!
Surivra Klamaketorian surivra1 Fun Place!, Come Visit!
Baldur Zuskvar dandan1 Realm Of Nonsense
Skern Langlear jjd1 Little J
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