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Package With All You Need

This package contains a pre-patched Wine, the game client itself, a desktop icon and a launcher script. The linux distribution the package is known to work with is indicated in the table.

Simply download the package, install it, and an icon will be added to you application menu. Click on that icon and the game client will start up, downloading the remainder of the game from the server.

If you would like this for another other distribution or version, please let me know and I should be able to build something


4/11/2012 Version 0.1-21 - Release
7/11/2012 Version 0.1-25 - Fixes horrible framerate, but retains memory leak fix :)
25/11/2012 Version 0.2-49 - Update to latest Wine. Future upgrades will not wipe the cache install (although it will happen once more when you upgrade to this version)


Ubuntu 12.04/12.10 i386/amd64 planetforever-0.2-49_all.deb
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