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 [[https://​​rockfireredmoon/​iceee/​|IceEE GitHub repository]] [[https://​​rockfireredmoon/​iceee/​|IceEE GitHub repository]]
 +===== Installing a Git client =====
 +To be able to work more effectively with the server data files and source, you will need a 'Git client'​. This is used to both download the files initially, as well as retrieve updates when other developers '​push'​ them to the central repository, and also when you wish to push your own changes to make available to other developers.
 +There are MANY Git clients available, but this article describes use of the official one and how it is used with the IceEEE files.
 ===== Using The Data Files On Your Own Server ===== ===== Using The Data Files On Your Own Server =====
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