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  • This is a little offshoot of the client (based on much of the same code), that can be used to do particle work without using the actual client.
  • Source is available at GitHub
  • This tool is INCOMPLETE. More features will magically appear soon :)
  • See Hardware Compatibility List for hardware the editor has been tested on far.

This tool does not need the game server to be running, but it does need to be able to access over the internet (to download assets).


These versions of Iceparticles now auto-update. If you have the old style non-updating versions, please un-install these first before installing these new ones to avoid problems

iceparticles.deb For Debian, Mint, Ubuntu and other DEB based distributions

iceparticles.noarch.rpm For Fedora Core and other RPM based distributions

SetupIceparticles.exe Windows Installer

Mac OS X
N/A Mac OS X Bundle

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