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Detailed Iceclient Status

The page shows are more detailed break down of how complete the various components are. I will try to keep this as up to date as possible.

Note this isn't all tasks, more will get added here (or maybe removed) as the project develops.

Asset Loading and Security

Component Description of remaining work Progress
HTTP Asset Loading Completed 100%
Local Asset Cache Completed 100%
Asset Encryption Completed 100%
Single file cache Completed 100%
Respect user permissions No permissions are respected yet 0%

Rendering / Scene

Component Description of remaining work Progress
Animation Big problems with this that need solving. Too much to detail here. 5%
Camera Not exactly the same as PF camera, will require some tuning over time 95%
Terrain Shaders 100%
Clutter 100%
Creature Shaders Lighting may need adjusting 95%
Clothing Shaders Support for non-indexed textures 90%
Environment Basic system is done, but more environments (i.e. nearly all) environments need to be actually created. Some transitions look weird (especially when directional light is disabled or enabled). Having environment triggered by user movement also needs implementing 50%
Particle System System Mostly working. Some effects not reproduced exactly. Need to integrate with creaturetweak (and main game) 90%
Lighting Direction and ambient light implemented (directional position is controlled as part of environment). Point light props are implemented, and a new type “Spot light” may be used. There are some environment related light transition issues. 90%
Dungeons No work has been done on dungeons yet. 0%
Swimming Mostly works. Transition animation is a bit rubbish, but it is in official client anyway. And the submerge/emerge heights need testing on other creatures and tuning 90%


Component Description of remaining work Progress
Audio Subsystem (queues, volume handling) Complete 100%
Environment Music Complete 100%
Player Footsteps Mostly done, need to add a little randomness and better choice of footstep sounds 90%
Configuration Complete 100%


Component Description of remaining work Progress
Router/Simulator Connection 100%
Login 100%
Persona Creation 100%
Persona Selection 100%
Persona Deletion 100%
Chat 100%
Player Movement Most common movement now works. Some odd cases that don't work properly (e.g. a “slide” at certain angles). 90%
Player Animation 0%
Player Combat 0%
Grove Editing (scenery) Add, edit and remove all work. Updating of properties needs doing 75%
Grove Editing (spawns) 0%
Friends 100%
Ignore 100%
Clan 0%
Trading 0%
Vending 0%
Inventory Inventory and all item data is loaded. Item equiping, destroying, swapping and splitting remains 50%
IGF 0%
Vault 0%
Refashion 0%
Sidekicks / Pets 0%

Asset Integration

Type Description of remaining work Progress
Terrain A number of the terrains don't work. Terrain loader needs to be more robust when tiles or components of tiles are missing 80%
Items 1%
Props 1%
Races Some random species/gender/type not imported correctly 95%
Creatures 1%

Game User Interface

Component Description of remaining work Progress
Login Screen 100%
Loading Screen Mostly done. Still need server provided announcements and proper triggering in-game 90%
Character Selection May get redesigned but it's functional for now 100%
Character Creation/Deletion May get redesigned but it's functional for now 100%
Options Ongoing, but basics are there 75%
Remappable Keys 100%
Chat Need private chat tabs, a bigger entry area and HTML / item link support 80%
Basic Action Bars Completed. Some styling issues with menu, but this is a bug in UI toolkit (will soon be fixed) 100%
Main Action Bar The fancy one. All done except heroism meter 90%
Grove/Henght Selection Dialog Complete (needs proper testing with both on real server) 100%
Exit Dialog Basically done, more buttons will be added as time goes by 100%
Social Dialog Friends and Ignore are done, Clan is not started 66%
Character Dialog Fully working 100%
Landmarks (for devs and builders) 100%
Item Preview 0%
IGF 0%
Vault 0%
Vendors 0%
Crafting 0%
Refashioning 0%
Pet Selection 0%
Advanced Crafting 0%
Quest Journal 0%
Inventory Mostly works. Some oddness with resizing/packing though 90%
On Screen Quest Log 0%
Party Bar 0%
Target Health / Type 0%
Player Health / Type / Will / Might 0%
Looting 0%
Minimap Clipping of markers, additional markers 90%
World Map Needs hooking up to actual maps 90 %

Grove/Dev User Interface

Object Manipulator Movement in some directions is a bit slow. Scale feature not implemented 80%
Mouse Selection 100%
Terrain Editing 100%
Particle Editing 100%
Environment Editing 100%
Add Light Tool Want to add chooser dialog 90%
Add Environment Tool Want to add chooser dialog 100%
Add Sound Tool Want to add chooser dialog 90%
Add Spawn Tool Want to add chooser dialog (maybe mix this in with a good “Creature Browser”) 90%
Add Link Tool 0%
Patrol Path Tool 0%
Link Path Tool 0%
Creature Tweak Mostly done. Need to actually save to server where possible. Pose is a bit rubbish. Some bugs 90%
Start Location (and others in same PF client dialog) 0%
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