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This little side project, possible due to the work on Iceclient, allows you to talk on region and other channels without actually starting the game up. The main features are :-

  • Login to your Planet Forever account and select any character
  • You will be logged in and visible in game the last place you logged off. So .. be safe :)
  • Can support mulitple servers
  • Supports /who
  • Supports the main chat channels.
  • View and change your Friends list.
  • Change your status.
  • Has “actions” within chat messages. Surround chat with asterisks and the text displayed will be bolded, and the word “says” removed.
  • Browser links work in chat.
  • Chat history just like PF.
  • Private chat tabs.
  • Source is available at GitHub

Server Status

tcp\4242 Em's IceEE serverEm's IceEE server is offline


These versions of Icechat now auto-update. If you have the old style non-updating versions, please un-install these first before installing these new ones to avoid problems

icechat.deb For Debian, Mint, Ubuntu and other DEB based distributions

icechat.noarch.rpm For Fedora Core and other RPM based distributions

SetupIcechat.exe Windows Installer

Mac OS X
N/A Mac OS X Bundle

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